Today’s society and all previously established groups of people, have always had laws. Laws governing our social behavior such as robbery,  property controversies, marriage and divorce.  Laws that spoke of an eye for and eye and after childbirth instructions, were included in the Book of Leviticus.  I am of the mind that a reader must set aside serous time, in order to absorb the Mosaic laws issued to the Israelites.  It’s interesting that many of the same laws created thousands of years ago, are the pillars of which the American government and other countries around the world have based their order of social existence.

The obvious conclusion in the attempt to obey these laws, from a civil and moral standpoint were withstood.  The shackling, chaining and incarceration in our modern day, stock-market jail system, has proven in some ways, that laws will always be broken.  When our doors are locked for the evening and all of our loved ones have reclined, must of us want to believe that our community is safe, and maybe even better than the one on the other side of town.  You know, those communities that have the huge, emblems welded to the entrance gate, to their CLOSED, fairy tale neighborhood.  

But all negative sociopathic problems, can be solved and have been victoriously conquered, by the actions taken on by the Creator’s followers.  Who are these peeps anyway,….these followers?  Who are they aligned with and what community might I find them?  Well I’m glad you’ve asked!  They are followers of Christ, who reside inside the LJPPKGFGSC Community  These residents have unselfish concern for others, which is LOVE, always being a source of JOY. Your community member lives in PEACE, being free from disturbance, living a quiet and tranquil lifestyle.  You probably have noticed that this neighbor has been PATIENT with you, because they refuse to act out while waiting on change.  Even when you take their KINDNESS, (their ethical, pleasant disposition and concern for you), their GOODNESS towards you;  an obvious quality for granted, they remain focused.  How is it truly possible for a community to have within it’s borders a FAITHFUL person, who is true, dependable, steadfast with Godly values?  No one can truly have GENTLENESS and consideration as a part of their daily walk and the idea of SELF CONTROL, (having the ability to control their emotions) could never be in any community!

I wish that I could give you a prize for applying the bolded words to the subject, but you now receive a greater gift.  You now know and understand the values that my community, The LJPPKGFGSC Community  live by and who guides their decision to accept them.  There is no law that regulates it’s members (Galatians 5:22-23), and will never require a law to exist!  #theLJPPKGFGSCcommunity

Blue Skies behind Barren Situations

Acts 16:22, 35

The crowd joined in the attack against Paul and Silas, and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten with rods.

When it was daylight, the magistrates sent their officers to the jailer with the order: “Release those men.”

Like a tree barren of it’s bark in winter, were the backs of Paul and Silas as they were beaten with rods void of mercy.  As the status quo feared their prominent position of money making, temple shaking lifestyle, these two preachers lived without fear.

The scene takes place with a demonic spirit within the female slave, who predicted the future, earning a great deal of money for her owners.  As she continued to shadow Paul and his group, she pretended that she was a believer.  When Paul had enough of her antics, he spoke to the spirit within her, saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!”  Well, we all know that in that very moment the evil spirit left her.

Never mind the fact that she was probably relieved and truly exhausted from her long period of demon possession; but at that point, no one cared about her, but involved the authorities and said they broke the law.  After being severely beaten, they were thrown in prison, consistently under guard.

The preachers in this story, realized the importance of seasons and God’s faithfulness.  I can’t say if I would readily pray and sing, but when faced with chains on my body and positioned in a very dark cell, what else should a Child of God do?  Suddenly the sounds of songs changed into the move of the Almighty!

As the foundation of the jail was shaken, releasing them to freedom, the jailer wanted to know what it would take to get acquainted with such an awesome God!  The jailer was saved and his entire house.  When daylight appeared the magistrates gave an order to:  “Release those men.”  Were the skies blue, I don’t know?  Was it a cloudy day, well I don’t have an answer for that either?

But Paul and Silas release can be liken to a Blue Sky on hold, just behind a horrible winter season.  Stripped of protection is the barren tree with no leaves, weathering through wind burns and broken branches.  But these two preachers understood, that like this tree; their existence depended on the depths of their spiritual roots for survival and the faith to wait on a vision when seen through blue skies!


Why Wait To Give Thanks?

The subject phrase is simple enough, for you to know where I am going with the question.  True, this is America’s traditional time allocated for travel to see and hear the voice of loved ones.  But this season is a great time to over indulge with those meals that bring back memories of Grandma’s,  Mama’s and Auntie’s excellent recipes.

My question to you is:  Why wait?  Not why wait, to over indulge in eating; for as Americans most of us eat more than needed every day.  But why wait, in making the long overdue phone call, to that abstinent loved one, who you know will not call you.  Maybe we are the abstinent ones and have allowed the years to consume us with seasonal finger pointing, with the promise to make the call during the “Holiday Season.”

Why wait to be thankful?  I do understand that one who chooses to give thanks, despite life’s hiccups will be misunderstood by their peers and especially their family.  But when the God driven individual realizes his or her purpose via the word of God; in everything they will give thanks! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!  The YOU in this context, is the believer.  Therefore, if you are not a believer this scripture can be quite confusing for you!

Now as a believer, in order to carry out what appears to be an unreasonable command, I must adhere to verse 17, which says “Pray without ceasing and verse 19 which says, Quench not the Spirit.  If I continue in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to navigate those prayers, THEN when those uncomfortable things come my way, the practice of giving thanks won’t be so foreign.  Yes, the death of a loved one is painful.  The lost of a job; especially an unexpected lay off is not a great feeling.  A child who chose drugs over the seemingly drudgery of college studies, is nothing to leap for joy over!  But let’s be real, all of life isn’t a life lived as a perpetual vacation.

Let’s all take a moment, whether traveling to grandma’s house, or at home cooking for a large hungry crowd, put the brakes on to become a thankful individual every day; not just on THANKSGIVING or BLACK FRIDAY!

Enjoy your family!

Edith K.

The Green Orange

Planted to Thrive

Ps. 1:2-4 NKJV

The Green Orange.jpg But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law, he meditates day and night.  He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth it’s fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.  The ungodly are not so But are like the chaff which the wind drives away.

The summer of our family reunion was very refreshing and enlightening.  Little ones, who once ran frantically and uninhibited on last year throughout the backyard, now set with their electronics and sighed.  But the elders joyfully laughed, ate and reminisced about ole times, knowing that they needed to redeem the remaining time.

My additional plate of barbeque, pound cake and orange soda, gave me a guilty nudge to take a stroll.  The tripled sized backyard was the perfect space to take advantage of a walk, and have times of reflections. That private moment not only allowed for the digestion of the fantastic food but to digest what really happens at MOST family reunions!

As I approached the north side of the house, there was a long row of small trees,  it was not until I walked closer, that I realized they were fruit trees.  Earlier in the day, I had seen what I thought was a large lime, dropped from the grocery bag;  but the fruit was a Green Orange, that soon became an important part of the children’s baseball game!

I squeezed it and there wasn’t a budge. It was tossed against the side of the house and gate, and the skin never broke.  Yet it was still an Orange!  The skin was assigned to do what was necessary to protect the inside.    From my vantage point, all things to help this tree produce a great harvest were in place.  It takes about 2-3 years for a tree to produce oranges, and the tree itself can live up to 50 years and in some rare cases, up to 100 years.

As in any season, the time for fruit to be harvested from its main source of nutrition is in the plan of nature.  What about man’s time to show forth his fruit? Are our roots deep enough to withstand adversity?  When God washes us with the water of His word, do we receive and grow therein?  Are we easily swayed by every wind and false doctrine, that only brightens our hearing for a short season?  We cannot forever be the little sapling, that can’t take the sun, wind, and rain of life, for if this is our view; we will never live out the mandate that God has ordained for us, to be the Taste and See to others, that GOD meant us to be!

Edith K. Conerly, Author-My Belief Is The Icing On The Cake

Normal or Abnormal

man wearing suit jacket sitting on chair in front of woman wearing eyeglasses

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

It is apparent that these are the last days!

Sitting in a restaurant, were several families and couples nestled together, enjoying a Friday evening meal.  Some of the children who were getting a little boisterous, received an unwelcomed eye from an elderly man, sitting catty-corner from the family. A newly engaged couple came in to celebrate their engagement, with their extended family.  The bride to be had just completed nursing school and the groom chose a field of work in marketing. Near the rear window in a dimly lit area, where no one seemed to notice, were two dapperly dressed men, embracing and kissing romantically and unashamed.

As fate would have it, in this rather overcrowded eatery, was a couple with a newborn baby.  Mom and Dad were anxiously waiting to place their order, with what seemed to be a slim serving staff.  Not only were Mom and Dad hungry, but so was their infant; and as a child without the knowledge of shame would do, she began to scream,…a rather hunger scream.   Mom discreetly began to breastfeed her infant,  and the crying ceased.

The child’s crying ceased to the relief of the parents, but the cry and uproar from the customers seemed to resonate much louder than the previous cries of the hungry child.  Two women had the nerve to tell the Mother, to make her way to the lady’s room to breastfeed her child because they viewed her actions as abnormal in public.  When their plea to the mother, fell on deaf ears, some of the customers proceeded to ask the Manager to have the woman and her family removed from the restaurant.

Isaiah 50:2

Woe (judgment is coming) to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

I am not running for an elected office; therefore, I don’t need your vote nor your support for what is right or wrong.  The word of God stands firm and very clear about the views of an opinionated nation.  I know you’ve tried, per doctors’ orders to substitute artificial sweeteners for real sugar, but frankly, you couldn’t get on board with the unnatural, bitter taste.  Neither can God change His taste buds to accept a bitter, lukewarm creation.  God is also unwilling to be a passenger on the boat that you might be steering, into utter darkness!

As our world moves ever so close to the second coming of the Messiah, don’t be threatened by the populace. You might be referred to as a Christ Monger, an Overzealous Christian, or a person with No Love.  Even the facts of your past will remain current through the eyes of the many unbelievers that knew you when.  For it’s true, you once were a Whore Monger, a Thief and a Liar, a co-conspirator against the body of Christ, BUT God has renewed your mind and you are now recognized by the power of HIS WORD, which is very NORMAL!

Edith K. Conerly – Author, My Belief Is The Icing On The Cake


Listen and Pray

Job 9:16-42:10

If I had called, and he had answered me; yet would I not believe that he had hearkened unto my voice?  And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends:  also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

THERE YOU GO AGAIN, second guessing God!  The pain and torment in Job’s body, no doubt stirred up moments of bitterness.  By the end of chapter one, after covering himself in sackcloth and ashes, he was fit to be tied.  All of his possessions and his entire seed were demolished in a flash.  His wife and three so-called friends, sought to sin-commentary him to death……but God! This emotional book of Job, has by far been the topic of the quickest destruction recorded, to befall one man.  The paths of great men have crossed, appearing face to face with sudden destruction.   But no characters listed in the Bible have seen their life’s accomplishments so swiftly erased, than the righteous man Job!

For all the pain he experienced, and all the hurtful comments generated from his so-called friends; we still can’t assume Job was completely without fault.  It’s true we often make our final decision about a person on what we have seen, failing to sensitively evaluate the reason for their internal fight.  Job was known as the leading producer in the marketplace. His previous ability in the giving of peace to the hopeless heart, and financial advances to those with no means to support their family, had seemingly come to an end.  Now that Job has lost his children, many of us can empathize as parents, who have experienced similar tragedies.  Where was the unemployment line, for he had no operating capital and no recourse; (so he thought).

His Cattle and entire livestock, not to mention his stocks, bonds and major investments, have now placed him in the same category with the other towns people; (the broke category).  Unfortunately, because of his depressive state and diseased body, the food stamp and unemployment lines were out of reach!

God didn’t change his mind, from his original statement of Job being blameless and upright; fearing God and shunning evil, (Job 1:8). However, our lingering imaginations will cancel God’s plans for us, if entertained for any length of time.   During what others, consider the finale of your earthly life, a sudden spark of the thermostatic belief system, has now risen!

Your dilemma has prompted unqualified judges, to render an opinion on your case. Now God wants you to listen and believe in Him. It’s a good time to pray for those uninformed friends, and in turn God will bless you!  The outcome for our deliverance might be different, but the mode of getting there is the same.  The devil knows who really believes, so don’t second guess God; you just might miss the double for your trouble blessing!

   God, you have allowed me to pray in the name of Jesus, via the Holy Ghost for those non-elected, self-appointed ones who want to judge me day and night.  Thank you Father that I have flowed through this round of attack by the power of your word.  In Jesus Name! AMEN

 Question:  Can you remember a horrible situation when you felt God left you defenseless in the middle of pain and critics?



An Excerpt from my new book, “My Belief Is The Icing On The Cake”


Job 29:21a, 24, 25b, 30:1

Unto me men gave ear, and waited. If I laughed on them, they believed it not; and the light of my countenance they cast not down.  I chose out their way, as one that comforteth.   But now they that are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I would have disdained to have set with the dogs of my flock.

THE RISING AND SETTING OF THE SUN never changes, but man oh man, people will inevitably change in a millisecond. Job had it going on; postured in his lounge chair at the gate.  His eyes were as a Hawk’s for those without sight, and a provider for the fatherless.  Chief of all chieftains was he, who dealt out advice a slice at a time, which was eagerly digested by the town’s men and women.  But wait; do I sense the aroma of rotting flesh?  Where is the smile that remained the constant light, longed for by the nobles?

But Job, my brother; that was then and this is now!  Now that you look sad and smell bad, no one desires your presence.  The body once draped in linen, purchased at the finest marketplace outlet, is an offensive sackcloth. His skin, that once reflected a satin veneer is now akin to an elephants’ hide.  He hears the younger, stronger more astute body of critics marching towards him, flaunting their age.   At this point in his societal status, zero was seen a real number for him!

No one believed the acquisition of his wealth was gained dishonestly.  Job hadn’t robbed a liquor store or hijacked an armored car; he was a Godly man! This dog eat dog world has always existed, but I believe Job chose the Jehovah Jireh way of life!  For how could a wealthy person, being surrounded by gleaners remain at a constant level of morality?  How could you defend the innocent, deliver the falsely accused, liberate the miserably, joyless individual and keep your homies happy?

This guy was a pre-visual of a type of Christ!  When the poor and fatherless said, “We need bread”, Job stepped up with provisions from Heaven. For as the widows’ hopes were dashed at the absence of their spouses with the burdens of debts and shame; Job said, “God has blessed me and I can bless others”.   Jesus being our bread, sent down from glory was all of Job and more!  But we all know what happened when the bread was devoured, as the cross loomed in the distance. One by one, the majority disappeared.  But in the end Christ was victorious and so was Job!

Bentley’s are not Chevy’s but when proper mechanical maintenance is performed, both become reliable forms of transportation. When modifiers such as newer, better, faster, sleeker are drawn to our impulses, causing disruptive spending; buyer beware!  Even when it comes down to aging gracefully, our first impulse is to spend unnecessary funds on beauty treatments.

True friends will appreciate the spiritually consistent YOU, even when they can’t travel in your Bentley. Therefore, as believers, we must allow people to be people as WE follow Christ!

Thank you God for being the constant in my life.  Unfounded remarks will always exist in this fallen dwelling, but you O’ Lord are my encouragement in an unappreciative, dysfunctional world.  I believe and receive wisdom from your word.  In Jesus name! AMEN

 Have you forgiven their insensitive comments against you?



Excerpts from the soon to be released book entitled:  MY BELIEF IS The Icing On The Cake, by Edith K. Conerly


A Big Price For Meat


Who shall give us flesh to eat?

The modern-day phrase, when taking the journey through your favorite fast food eatery is, “supersize it”.  After all, we are growing human beings with the foregone mental capacity of a young college student but living in the body of a 60-year-old!  Our eyes are larger than our bellies.  Therefore the error in an attempt to eat such a  large piece of meat on the beautiful platter above, is the speed in which it can’t be digested at this current season. Now the pendulum dial of the weight scale swings and tells the gospel truth.  Our previous satisfaction of a medium cheeseburger with a small fry, topped off with a small strawberry shake, now really seems like a kid’s meal.  Now this is the real deal;  when my body mass in addition to my height, came to a grinding halt at around 15 years of age, my stomach didn’t keep growing! “Oh, she is just a growing child was always an excuse to overeat”. The beans and rice with a slice of scratch cornbread, from the loving hands of my mother, was a very delicious meal for my brother and I.  Most of the time, we were blessed to eat meat, usually chicken but sometimes my parents couldn’t afford it but we never went to bed hungry.  The neighborhood kids assumed we ate very hearty, due to our athleticism and sheer joy in loving life;.. the God kind of life.

This God kind of life with the glory of God ever-present with the Israelite’s, to them was viewed as a bad movie. They were willing to obey the instructions of Moses, only when life was good and the Hero gained the heroin and when the water flowed from a mountain stream and not out of a rock.  (wow I ran out of bottled water yesterday and had to drink water from the kitchen faucet, yuck) How much and what more could God have done for them, in their current situation.  Their life like ours always seems to evolve around the unsatisfied appetite.  An appetite for food, sex, money and possessions that belong to others.  In Numbers the 11th chapter, the complaining and murmuring can be viewed as the sound made by a spoiled, ungrateful child.  God became angry, like a real parent but he sent actual fire down and consumed some of the outskirts of their camp.  They cried and repented to Moses and God eased up on the roasting of their campgrounds.  But it didn’t take long before they said, “If only we had meat to eat”!

Okay people, I don’t personally think wanting meat was so bad, but what struck me was their lost of memory.  In Numbers 11:5 are these words.  “We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost (NIV) also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion and garlic. The KJV, says they remember eating these foods freely.  Wait just a glorious minute!!!!!  From my reading of the Bible and hearing the preached word, the Israelite’s may have eaten all of the above mentioned food groups, but it sure wasn’t free or without cost.  They were enslaved, beaten, humiliated, robed of their dignity and worked from sun up to sun down. Several generations died during their stay in Egypt, surviving only through the encouraging stories of their soon and coming deliverance. Thank God for Jesus because I would have been angry too! Well, the birds hit the fan!  Numbers 11:19-20 said, they would eat not 1 or 2 days, not even 5 or 10 days.  Oh, but wait, not even 20 days, but a month with their mouths filled with meat.  So much meat, that it would squeeze through their nostrils.  Now that’s truly groce!  But like us they got what they wanted but not what they needed!  MEAT!!!!

My journey now is a joyous one.  I don’t need what you have and I don’t revert to thinking about, “BACK IN THE DAY”.  My back in the day was living in a shotgun house in Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas.  The rats had a field day, everyday!  No one to my knowledge could afford an exterminator, to kill off what appeared to be thousands of roaches, that inundated the many rows of dilapidated houses. Dad died young and left mamma as a young widower, but I kept my eyes on the prize!  Manna or the same food everyday may be boring to you, but living one day in the country of Haiti eating clay rocks, without food will put your thinking in check!  Find someone today who is truly hunger and feed them, don’t judge them!          Edith K.  #feedthehungry #Jesuspaidtheprice #Ihavefoodtoshare

Where does your discipline lie?

Hebrews 12:11 says: No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful! Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace, for those who have been TRAINED by it.
It’s that time again. It’s Summer and with the shift in the earth’s axis, we humans receive a banquet of bountiful fruit, found in the nearest market in our town. As a consumer, we get to enjoy the end result, the tasty produce gained from all the hard work, that most of us never participate in.
Now, who’s really up for soil preparation? The clearing of property; stone, trees and possible illegal dumping. Rows of crisp cleaned lines, which wind and rewind around rural America and around the world, wasn’t a wishful moment in time. Once the land lines up, then the planting of seed becomes another hurdle. Not necessarily in the sense of putting the seed in the ground, but more of what or who will pull the seed up before it has time to take root.
Here comes too much rain, which washes away some of our perspective harvests. If not the torrential rainfall, draught will place doubt in your mind as to the why of it all, when you corn is burned prior to harvest. Truly this is not the way to get popcorn! Now we can understand the process of planting, tending and reaping requires discipline and at times can be painful.
The question to you is: How do you expect a productive life filled to the brim and ever flowing in righteousness and peace, without a season or two in discipline. God forbid, if the farmer had no discipline, to even hold on and hold out when the forces of nature constrain or restricts his or her livelihood. I’d be really disappointed if I couldn’t eat a crisp apple or juicy strawberries.
The bottom line for me in this area is: it ain’t going to feel good when God instructions make me look stupid (in my own eyes). But if I accept and apply the training of His word in my life, then I will experience a life with a harvest of righteousness and peace to share with others. The soil is waiting for You! Can you find yourself in any of this?


Daddy’s Record Book

Daddy's Record Book

If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?
But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.
Psalm 130:3-4

The other day I was feverishly searching for a very important document, that wasn’t in its proper place. You know the old adage; everything should be put in its place which then can be found in place. But what I found really brought a smile to my face. In my unmentionable draw was a small, blue three by five spiral notebook. The cover was in mint condition but the pages therein with its notations were yellow. Eureka, I had stumbled upon my Father’s record book, which contained diagrams and his running entries of his business as a barber, at his shop on the corner of Lyons and Hill in Houston, Texas.

The figures recorded reflected his basic bookkeeping skills, applicable to his knowledge. The left entrance was what he started with during the first week in December 1951, minus his expenditures and the right column showing his net profits. Ladies and gentlemen, his grand total for that entire month was a whopping $78.50.
This book is a record on his efforts to provide for his family as the man of the house. He was his own man and displayed a sense of pride, dignity and organization as a black businessman. I find this very interesting in the sense that I wasn’t born yet. At that time it was just daddy (Jimmie Brandon), momma (Rosa Lee) and my brother (Jimmie Michael).

Considering the size of this book, with some of the pages empty; daddy did not find it necessary to say or tell it ALL! Some days were probably an utter washout, which meant he’d have to explain those numbers to momma and in turn she would adjust the family menu accordingly. (No food stamps in 1951). Not much was written or discovered about Jimmie Brandon, for he died at the age of 44, during the time I was about to turn 13.

If this little blue book was a reflection of one man’s work, in one family, one community with one ideology, what might God’s book say about me and you! Momma would always say, “God is looking and he’s booking”. This is true but we can live without fear of someone like me discovering your book when you are dead and gone. Or the possibility of your memoirs exposed at your demise, or even those secret diaries being read by others, if you are in a convalescent situation.

Truly who would be able to stand and exist under the cloud of God’s record keeping? There is a column entry for everything that we think, while awake and asleep. There is a spreadsheet of our uprising and our down setting with all things in between. Without the interceding of Jesus, who justified us by our faith we could not have access to God. Folks there is forgiveness, in the fear of God. Not as a spooky scary God, but an all knowing powerful God who will be there for us when we need him. The God who speaks to death on our behalf, every morning to say; “not today”; but only when the I AM says that it’s her time. Stop keeping a record of other’s wrongs because yours have been forgiven.